World Surf Kayak Championships 2021 Postponement Notification

With frustration and sadness, the Organising Committee for the World Surf Kayak Championships 2021 (‘Worlds’) have unanimously agreed that the competition will be postponed until 2022. The decision has weighed heavily on the Committee, we have watched as events have unfolded over 2020 and the early stages of 2021 and we feel it is notContinue reading “World Surf Kayak Championships 2021 Postponement Notification”

Introducing… Charlotte Skardon

Hello everyone! As part of the run up to the Worlds, we thought it would be a good idea for you to get to know the organising committee, who is doing what and why. Today we start with: Charlotte Skardon (Señor Tournr) Age: 39 Location: Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, UK Profession: Software Engineer What’s your roleContinue reading “Introducing… Charlotte Skardon”

Doing our bit……..start of the journey.

Environmentally, international competition is a challenge. Travelling from the corners of the earth produces a lot of carbon, and the other waste associated with running large contests (for example, the large scale use of non-reusable plastic bottles) can be terrible. And yet, so many of us consider ourselves environmentalists, we love the ocean, we cleanContinue reading “Doing our bit……..start of the journey.”

A message of ‘Thanks’ and a quick update

Just a quick note from the organisers (Chris, Jack and Marc) to give you all an update on where we are with the World Surf Kayak Championships 2021 preparation. First – we would like to thank the Surf Kayak Community for all the messages of support following our decision to cancel the 2020 British SurfContinue reading “A message of ‘Thanks’ and a quick update”

Managing our environmental impact – plastic pollution

As surfers we have a special connection to the ocean environment. As travelling surfers we are all conscious of our impact on our our ocean playground, which is also one of the most important habitats on our fragile planet. One of our goals for the 2021 world championships of surfkayaking is to reduce our environmentalContinue reading “Managing our environmental impact – plastic pollution”

A look at the Contest Locations (Part One) – Black Rock

The 2021 World Surfkayak Championships in Bude are being organized so that they can be held at various locations within a few miles of the Town Center. This will allow us to choose the optimum location for conditions day-by-day in order to make the very best of the contest window. Over the next few months,Continue reading “A look at the Contest Locations (Part One) – Black Rock”

Welcome to the site of the 2021 World Surfkayak Championships

Happy New Year! We are super stoked to be welcoming the world to the beautiful North Cornwall town of Bude for the World Championships of Surfkayaking between 25 September and 2 October 2021! Over the coming months we will keep you updated with our preparations as we plan to put on an unforgettable event forContinue reading “Welcome to the site of the 2021 World Surfkayak Championships”