Introducing… Jack Barker

Hello again! Charlotte here once more with another ‘Introducing…’ post. Today we’re introducing you to Jack Barker. Jack is someone who might be familiar to you all from previous Worlds, and indeed other competitions around the world. He’s the current Chairman of the Bude Canoe Club, and is part of the club’s Canoe Polo team.Continue reading “Introducing… Jack Barker”

Introducing… Marc Woolward

Hai!! Charlotte here, today we’re going to introduce you to Marc Woolward, but in a change of format, Marc interviewed himself (it’s the only way he’d have. sensible conversation), so you don’t have to read my interpretations. Marc is one of the chief instigators of the whole Bude Worlds project, and without him I thinkContinue reading “Introducing… Marc Woolward”

Introducing… Alan Holloway

Hello! Charlotte here, and welcome to another ‘Introducing…’ post. Today we’re introducing you to Alan Holloway. Alan is a long term Kayaker, who enjoys a wide range of kayaking, I first met him during a Canoe Polo match with the Bude Canoe Club. In the middle of a game he paddled up to me andContinue reading “Introducing… Alan Holloway”